Black Lives Matter

Get Started

Here's a list of great places to start helping out, beginning with the easiest things to do. Once I'd made a list like this for myself, it was shockingly easy to start shifting my habits so I could just integrate helping out into my daily routine.

Educational Resources

Educate yourself about Black history and systemic racism, and also on ways to be a better ally.

Support Black-Owned from Anywhere

This is an ongoing, growing list of Black-owned businesses that you can support from ANYWHERE, because, hey - you can just buy from them online. This list is sorted by type of business (i.e. "tea makers", "online plant store", "natural beauty care").

Support Black-Owned, Locally

Black-owned businesses that you can support locally, like restaurants, sorted by area.


WIP: still working on this, but it will be a list of causes you can support from anywhere, also sorted by type.