Help is needed

There are a some amazing organizations stepping up to help the people (and animals, and hospitals, and small businesses...) who really need it right now, but most of these groups are run entirely by volunteers and donations.

Helping can be Overwhelming

It can be overwhelming to figure out how to best give your support. It may also be hard to find the motivation to help yourself right now, but that's also important.

Making it Manageable

It's a lot easier to help out when helping out feels more manageable- when the steps are simple, and you're in control of your schedule, budget, and how much interaction you have with others.

What Works

People who do charity Fun Runs often say that combining something good for community + yourself provides better accountability for both, and makes donating easier and more tangible.
However, Fun Runs aren't for everyone, so #CommunityShape is about picking something that works for you. You can get competitive with an ambitious fitness goal, or you can set a goal for something that's healthy in a different way like following along to a daily meditiation podcast.

You do you - do what's sustainable for you, or stretch yourself (pun intended)!


Step 1

Pick an organization to donate to (suggestions here)

Step 2

Pick an activity, donation amount, and how long you want to do this for.

Step 3

Optional: post your activity + donation goals using the hashtag #CommunityShape.


Sample Template

#CommunityShape on Twitter