Black Lives Matter

Getting Started

The options can be overwhelming. It can feel like you're not doing enough, but we all have to start somewhere.

1. I started by making a blank pyramid diagram.
2. In the base layer, I listed a couple actions I knew I could automate into my routine.
3. In the middle layer, I listed a couple actions that I could schedule regularly.
4. In the top layer, I listed 1-2 actions that would take time and energy, but that important for me to do at least once.

Pyramid Diagram:



Automate Schedule Big Push
Activism Set up regular donations to specific causes
Examples here.
Set a weekly event to contact senators, local government.
Add phone numbers/emails and a template to the calendar event.
Participate: protests, donate to protests, host discussion groups at work and with friends.
Examples: coming soon.
Support Audit your purchase history (see below) find Black-owned alternatives.
Examples: local Black-owned, or globally-accessible Black-owned.
Do you have a weekly takeout/date night?
Add links to Black-owned restuarants in the invite ahead of time.
Get directly involved in fundraisers. Or do a bake sale for your favorite organization. Make masks for protesters.
Dedicate your time and skills for a day or a week (or longer, but starting with a timebox helps).
Education Follow Black people and causes on social media - listen to voices you may normally not be exposed to
(*Emphasis on listening - do not ask them to do the work of educating you*).
Create a weekly/monthly time to read/watch educational material:
learn more about Black history and white supremacy.
Attend an allyship training, and get your friends to join.
Take notes, send them to friends/relatives.

Purchasing Audit

Automate daily habits for supporting Black-owned businesses via a purchasing audit.
The following exercise took me 45 minutes.
1. Review last 3 months of bank account statements.
2. List each company you spent $ at.
3. For each company, search for a Black-owned version of that business.
Bonus: for the remaining businesses, check on social media for whether they have made a public statement on #BLM.
- If it was negative/unsupportive: cross them off the list, discontinue reoccuring payments, etc.
- If there's nothing or it's positive and just seems performative - put them on a neutral list. Use them only if there's no better alternative. Maybe reach out to them and ask for accountability.
- If it's positive and they're backing it up with actions, donations, etc- keep 'em.

Flowchart Version: